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Future Health

Trick-or-Treat Safety

October 22, 2018 

Halloween is a fun day for children and it can also be fun for their parents. Kids can dress up and go around their neighborhood for treats. However, walking around the streets at night can be dangerous, especially if you're wearing dark colors. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Walk on sidewalks when possible and not the street
  • Try to stay off your phone while you're walking so you're not distracted
  • Use traffic signals and cross walks when possible
  • Don't let kids walk around without supervision
  • If your children are going alone, make sure you know their route
  • Try to use reflective tape or stickers on costumes
  • Don't eat candy that looks like it's been open
  • Teach your children to never enter a stranger’s house or car
  • Try to use face paint instead of a mask so you don't have trouble seeing

Practicing personal safety and awareness is also a good idea while walking around at night. If you're supervising a group of kids, make sure to do a head count every few minutes. If you see a suspicious car, make a note of it and if you feel that something really isn't right, take its license plate down. 


Not taking kids around the neighborhood?

Even if you are not trick-or-treating, practicing safety while driving around trick-or-treaters is just as important. Be aware or your surroundings and drive slower than the speed limit in residential areas. Remember that kids may be playing while walking around.