About Us

FutureHealth is an online health education program available to you, your family, schools, and employers. FutureHealth provides its members with tools and information on topics such as the opioid epidemic, anxiety, alcohol use, eating disorders, personal safety, and more. We've gathered all the latest information on current health topics to bring integrated learning including assessments, exams, and streaming documentaries to your device.

Our Mission

FutureHealth's mission is to help guide people to make positive lifestyle choices that will lead them on A Path to a Brighter Future. We will accomplish our goals by providing valuable information on critical health issues that we face in our everyday lives.

Our Story

"When someone you know commits suicide it sticks with you. The experience stays with you. Looking back, and even today, people don't seem to understand the impact and the level of intensity of an addiction or disorder. It affects everyone in their life in one way or another."

- Kevin Saremi, Founder/President

FutureHealth began because of this personal experience. When Kevin saw the heartbreaking effects it had on, not only himself, but friends, family, co-workers and the community, he felt it was time to get the word out.

In 2010, Kevin started the online health education company, FutureHealth. The FutureHealth educational program is a solid beginning for understanding, awareness and the possible prevention of critical health issues that are facing our society today.

The FutureHealth program is Kevin's way to give back and get the word out on multiple health issues that millions of people struggle with every day. Our daily inspirational text messages, links to where you can locate treatment facilities, blogs, recipes, personal assessments and much more, is only the beginning.