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1st Quarter Winners

National Addiction Leadership Conference

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Upcoming Health Observances 2018

Southern College Health Association

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Spring 2018 Newsletter
FutureHealth's New Look
Have you visited our page lately? You may have noticed our new, improved look. Just as we are constantly updating our information and statistics, we are always striving to keep our website easy and user friendly.

1st Quarter Winners

Congratulations to this quarter's winners!

University of Bridgeport, $50 Visa Gift Card
American International College, $50 Visa Gift Card
Commerce High School, $50 Visa Gift Card

By participating on our website, you can earn hearts and become our next winner.

Annual National Addiction Leadership Conference
The National Addiction Leadership Conference is hosting its 40th annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, this May. This year's theme is Quality Assurance which goes along with their new initiative: Quality Assurance Initiative. QAI focuses on the improvement of addiction treatment.

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month
Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is internationally and nationally observed in May with the goal of promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle within the workplace. To learn more, please visit the Global Employee Health & Fitness Month website at https://www.gehfm.org/about-us/.

Upcoming Health Observances 2018
Southern College Health Association
Thank you for having us! The SCHA annual conference is a great opportunity for networking and collaborating for college health and continuing education. Learn about new, innovative strategies and ideas to improve health and wellness on campuses.

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FutureHealth's online educational awareness program continues to grow in colleges, universities, high schools and businesses. Our documentaries and exams offer a unique and informative look into many life issues such as opioid use, alcohol use, and depression.
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