Fall 2017

National Health Education Week

3rd Quarter Winners

October, November, and December Health Awareness Themes

An Update on Our Anxiety Documentary

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The Opioid Epidemic 2
Fall 2017 Newsletter
National Health Education Week
The third week of October is dedicated to National Health Education Week which focuses on major public health issues while promoting understanding and education. Health service professionals can access resources by visiting the Society for Public Health Education's website at www.sophe.org.

3rd Quarter Winners

Congratulations to this quarter's winners!

Florida Institute of Technology, Fitbit
Champlain College, $50 Visa Gift Card
American International College, $50 Visa Gift Card

By participating on our website, you can earn hearts and become our next winner.

Health Awareness Months

October is National Bullying Prevention Month - Join PACER in their efforts to unite communities around the world. To show your support, you can visit the PACER website at www.PACER.org for activities and make sure you wear orange on October 15th for Unity Day.
November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes often goes unnoticed. One in four adults who have diabetes does not even know it. If you think you're experiencing symptoms, talk with your doctor as soon as possible about getting tested. Light exercise and walking always helps.
December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month as the involvement of impaired drivers increases significantly around the holidays. Please remember to also designate a driver or call a cab.

Anxiety Documentary Update

Last year we asked health service professionals what they are seeing in their patients; overwhelmingly, they responded with anxiety. For the last few months we have been filming our latest documentary centered around anxiety. We have interviewed medical professionals and those struggling with anxiety to bring our members a better understanding of what anxiety really is. We plan to release our Understanding Anxiety and Stress documentary this fall.

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