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Depression is everywhere, do you know what it looks like? If you suffer from depression, it can be hard to describe to others about how you feel. This documentary will help you and your loved ones learn more about this condition, the dangers involved as well as many symptoms that can be managed through lifestyle changes.


When your worries become constant, non-specific, and you have a hard time controlling them, you may need to think about finding help. Anxiety disorders are diagnosable, but there is good news: they can be managed.

Sleep Deprivation

The importance of sleep should not be underestimated. The repeated lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation, can lead to weight gain, irritability, memory issues, trouble concentrating, weakened immune system, and more. Sleep deprivation is especially prevalent in college students. Academic demands, works, and social plans all play a part in how much or how little sleep students get.


Alcohol use disorder is a chronic, neurologically based disease that involves the compulsive consumption of alcohol that cannot be controlled in spite of repeated efforts to do so.

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