The 4Cs of Mental Health

August 14, 2023 

The 4 Cs of mental health are set to help you love yourself and create that mental toughness needed to do so. Mental toughness is the capacity to work hard to reach your goals while quickly recovering from failure. This concept has four qualities that are the key to successfully developing mental toughness. The four Cs are confidence, challenge, control, and commitment.

Having confidence means that you believe in yourself, and that deep down you know you can reach your goals. When you have confidence, you have solid social skills, the ability to speak in public with poise and communicate well with others.

In mental health, challenge is something that usually causes fear and avoidance. To become mentally stronger, you must welcome challenges. Whether the outcome is good or bad, a challenge teaches us a lesson, which creates an opportunity for growth and learning.

Never waste your time complaining about the things that are out of your control. This coincides with your mindset, which is tied to your confidence. You have control over your attitude, and life outcomes. Even when there are missteps, continue to persevere until you reach your goal.

            Stay committed to achieving your goals. Set up specific goals and do whatever it takes to                      achieve them, no matter how many setbacks you have, you push through.