Five Ways to Wellbeing

June 26, 2023 

Here are five steps you can take every single day to help improve your wellbeing:

1. Connect with Others
Socializing looks different to everyone. Some people prefer a smaller, quiet setting, while others may love big groups and noise. There are a variety of ways to connect to people. You can connect to them online, in person, via phone calls or even become pen pals.

Some ways you could connect to someone today are, to try to speak to someone new or even take five minutes out of your day to see how a coworker or peer is doing! It doesn’t have to take long to make a connection!

2. Get Active
There are many people that find that physical activity helps their mental health. This doesn’t mean running a marathon or going to the gym every single day. Everyone is different, and there are many ways to be active.

Being active is not only good for improving your mental health, but it could also help you sleep better, have happier moods, and reduce stress, anxiety and racing thoughts. Some ways you could get active are taking the stairs, going for a walk during your lunchtime, walking to work, participating in a sporting activity, do some stretching in the morning before you leave for work, and park farther than usual to get in those extra steps!

3. Take Notice
Be aware of how you are feeling throughout the day. Notate how you feel and what is triggering those feelings of stress or anxiety. Make sure to be present in the moment and enjoy your environment. Some ideas to help you take notice are to get a plant for your workspace, have a “cleaning” day, visit a new place for lunch every day, and try a different route to work.

4. Learn Something New
Every day, we are learning something new, whether we realize it or not. When you feel like you are learning and developing, it can help boost your self-esteem. Setting goals can also help you feel more productive and in control of your life. A few ways you could learn something new today, would be, to find out something about your coworkers or peers, sign up for a class, read the news or a book, set up a book club, do a crossword or sudoku, research a topic that you have always been interested in and learn a new word every day.

5. Give to Your Community
When you take part in giving back to your community, you tend to be happier. To be kind or helpful to others you could try to make a cup of tea or coffee for a coworker or peer, offer your assistance to someone in need, or seek volunteering opportunities within your area.