Healthy on a Budget

February 7, 2023 

No matter what your situation is, eating healthy can be difficult financially. Here are some tips to help you create a solid budget where you can eat healthily and be fiscally responsible.

  • Make sure to plan your recipes in advance.

    • You can adapt recipes to your dietary needs.

    • Use recipes that have common ingredients. The less you buy the better! Just because you are using the same ingredients doesn’t mean that they all are going to taste the same.

  • Always shop with a list – and stick to it!

    • Before even heading to the store, make sure you write down all the groceries you will need for the week’s meals

    • Make sure to keep healthy pantry items like nuts, beans or grains stocked

  • Buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables

    • When buying these items, make sure they are resealable, and the canned items are in water and not syrup!

    • Read every label for any added sugars or fats.

  • Don't be afraid to use coupons!

  • Stick to store brands.

    • Typically, store or generic brands are about 20-30% cheaper and usually are available for fruits, vegetables, and milk.

Though this list only scratches the surface of the ways to eat healthily on a budget, make sure to speak to a nutritionist or your doctor about what meals would fit your health needs. It is possible to eat healthily, while on a budget.