Learn To Love Running

December 26, 2017 

Let’s face it, running may sound like a good idea but most of us don’t want to get up and actually start moving. There are, however, a few steps we recommend to help you start.

But let's start SMALL! We mean that, start small. Set a goal that’s achievable. Why would you set an extravagant goal only to be disappointed when you cant finish a 10k? Instead, try something like “jogging lightly for 20 minutes” and work up your stamina from there.

Go somewhere new. It’s nice to run the same route and to know the distance you’ve gone and how long you have left but sometimes a change of scenery is nice. Looking at new foliage always helps. If you prefer the same route, change the time of day and you might see something you’ve never noticed before.

Pick your perfect playlist. It may help to pass time by singing along with your favorite tunes. Pick something up beat to help keep you in the right mind set and pace.

Join a local running group or even a Facebook group. These groups are full of people who have great tips and being in a group will allow you to meet people who will encourage you to continue to jogging and running.

Hopefully if you join a group you can find a buddy! Find someone that can hold you accountable for all the times you don’t feel like jogging. It’s also nice to occasionally talk to someone or to have them around if it’s dark out. You could even make a game out of your run. That’ll help pass the time.