Himalayan Salt Lamp

December 13, 2016 

On the top of my holiday gift list I have Himalayan Salt Lamps – I’m giving them as gifts and I was fortunate enough to receive one from my employer as a company gift! So, what’s a salt lamp? It is quite literally as it sounds – a lamp made of salt; more specifically: Himalayan salt. They come in all shapes and size but for the most part they keep an earthy, natural looking shape to keep the integrity of the salt with a pinkish orange color. The light is more like a glow so it wouldn’t really light up a room per say but they’re beautiful and holistic and have a long list of benefits!


The water vapor in your house naturally contains allergens - dust, pet dander, smoke particles, pollen, etc. Salt naturally attracts those water molecules and essentially filters them leaving the pollutants in the salt and the vapor purified. The heat from the light bulb dries up these impurities and you can wipe them away by shutting the lamp off and wiping the salt with a damp cloth.


When purchasing a lamp, keep in mind that the color, size, and shape of the lamp make a difference. The darker the color, the higher the quality. It is also believed that the pinker the color is the more the lamp will help with emotions while the more orange the lamp is the more it will benefit your nervous system. For size, the bigger the lamp the more benefits you’ll notice and for spaces with more electronics a bigger lamp is ideal. Shape is also something to think about. The more surface area, the better. Some lamps have a more polished look which may yield less surface area as opposed to a basket shape with rough cut blocks inside will make more surface area and therefore more benefit.


Some of the benefits include reduced allergies and improved breathing, increase relaxation, calmness, less stress, improved concentration, fewer headaches and migraines (good news for me), improvements in skin diseases, easier night sleep, and more! Salt lamps are also great to keep around the office because the lamp can help with the side effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers and TVs.


Find a lamp here and enjoy it’s benefits!