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What's wrong with my diet?

June 22, 2015 

What's Wrong with my Diet / Most Common Diet Mistakes

The diet we choose should be based on the goals we are trying to reach - whether it's to lose weight, control blood sugar, improve energy, or lower cholesterol or blood pressure.

Consider the following mistakes that many people make in food choices, to make sure you aren't overlooking an easy fix that can impede on your hard work.

Drinking high-calorie beverages 
Soda, juice, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages are high in simple carbohydrates and calories. Diet beverages are not a healthy alternative because they contain chemicals that can cause obesity as well as other health problems.

Falling for food labels
Food labels can be misleading. Be sure to look at the nutritional facts on the back of the package rather than the clever advertising on the front, including claims to be organic or all natural.

Frequently eating pre-packaged or ready-to-eat food 
Although convenient, this food is almost always highly processed and will tend to block any progress you are trying to make.

Not including enough protein 
Your body needs protein throughout the day. Protein helps us feel full and, in conjunction with an exercise routine, helps burn more calories. This macronutrient is thermogenic, meaning it burns calories even while we are at rest. Studies show protein keeps us full for longer and causes us to eat fewer calories at our next meal.

Avoiding all fat
Many people think it's a good idea to cut fat completely out of their diet. However, fats from almonds, walnuts, pecans, avocados, and extra-virgin olive oil are smart choices for fat calories in your diet. These healthy fats are actually good for you because they help improve your cholesterol profile and help you lose weight.

Calories in (always) = calories out
Believing that calories in and calories out is the golden rule of dieting leads many people to a plateau when attempting to lose weight. Not all calories are created equal. For example, 100 calories from a cheeseburger and 100 calories from a salmon steak are not the same.

So remember, pay attention to the types of calories you consume and not just the number. Smarter calories will contribute more to your diet goals.