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Future Health

Stop Multi-Tasking

July 3, 2023 

Multi-tasking is not something humans are supposed to do. Unless you are a computer, you cannot multi-task. When you multi-task you are less productive. There have been studies that involved young adults switching between different tasks. The results showed that the young adults had lost time when they consistently switched from one task to another. This circumstance is called the “switch cost.” 

Nowadays, we have many things competing for our attention, thus causing us to multi-task. Or at least attempt to. When you think about all the notifications that are constantly coming up on your phone and computer monitor while you are trying to concentrate on work, it is easy for your attention to drift. Not to mention the meetings and discussions that appear to be designed to derail your workflow. According to psychologists, the brief mental blocks that are caused by switching back and forth between tasks can cost you up to 40% of your productive time. Now, here are some tips on how to stop multi-tasking to help your productivity and to stay focused on your current task on hand!

  • Don’t start your morning by looking at your phone

  • Create a list of daily priorities

  • Reduce or eliminate outside distractions

  • Be prepared to say (yes that means to meetings, extra work, etc.)

  • Keep work areas clean and organized

  • Be sure to unitask during your prime time

  • Be aware of your multi-tasking habits

  • Consider apps that block distractions