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Future Health

The Different Types of Wellness

May 15, 2023 

Wellness is an ongoing process and a life-long journey. When it comes to wellness, there are eight different types:

  1. Physical

    • Recognize the need for physical activity, healthy foods, sleep, and the need to prevent injuries and illnesses

    • It helps you understand how and why your body work

    • You will develop well-balanced and healthy eating habits

  2. Emotional

    • Coping efficiently with life and creating satisfying relationships

    • Become more aware of your feelings and accept them 

    • Develop the ability to experience and appropriately express emotions

  3. Social

    • Develop a sense of connection, belonging, and well-developed support system

    • Develop the abi;lity to create and maintain relationships

    • Be aware of your responsibility for the welfare of different communities

  4. Intellectual

    • Recognize creative abilities and find new ways to expand your knowledge and skills

    • Strive to be open to new experiences and ideas in all areas in life

    • Expand your ability to create, develop, analyze, criticize, conclude, understand, evaluate, problem solve and more

  5. Environmental

    • Occupying a pleasant and stimulating environment that supports your well-being

    • Become aware of how your external environment affects you

  6. Spiritual

    • Expand your sense of purpose and meaning in life

    • Explore personal values and search for the meaning of your own life

  7. Vocational

    • Gaining personal satisfaction and enrichment from your work (academic/job)

    • Explore your interests, skills, values, needs and how they relate to your major/career choice

  8. Financial

    • Satisfaction with current and future financial situation

    • Learn to gain control of your finances 

    • Understand how to manage a budget, credit cards, checking and saving accounts, investments, retirement funds, and more