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Future Health

How To Find a Healthy Balance

March 21, 2023 

The balance between work and personal life is called work-life balance. It is a key part in juggling your everyday routine from your workday, home life and relationships. A balanced work-life is a consistent equilibrium. For time you spend working, you spend on your home life and relationships. Everything would be equal.

Having a good work-life balance can help with time and stress management, and burnout prevention. Here are some benefits from a good work-life balance:

Fewer health issues – When you overwork yourself you can become fatigue, poor health, create negative impacts on relationships, unhealthy weight-gain, higher rates of alcohol consumption and more.

Higher productivity – When we feel supported and engaged, we are more connected, creative, energized and collaborative.

Fewer burnouts – This is a form of mental exhaustion. It can be caused by work overload, too little control over work or values conflict.

More mindfulness – This is your ability to maintain your awareness and focus on what you’re doing at any given moment. Some ways to practice mindfulness are via mindful breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.

There are a variety of ways that your work-life balance can shift negatively:

  • Your expenses increase without an increase in salary

  • Your responsibilities at work or home have increased

  • You are working longer hours

  • You started having children

To help improve your work-life balance, here are a few steps you could take!

  1. Learn to say “no” and create boundaries

  2. Make sure to take breaks

  3. Use your lunch break

  4. Prioritize your health

  5. Ask for flexibility

  6. Practice self-compassion

  7. Invest in relationships

  8. Prioritize quality time

  9. Start small

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Overall, make creating a work-life balance a priority for you!