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Future Health

Developing New Habits

January 3, 2023 

Developing new habits can be difficult, but creating good habits and sticking to them can set a domino effect of healthy decisions. Though, it may take some effort and insight. When developing new habits, you need to make sure that you go along with the following:

  1. Set a specific goal. Vague goals do not work, nor are they motivating. Begin with a small but specific goal, and then build from there. 

  2. Create a detailed plan. You need to decide when, where and how you will get there. This increases your chances to follow through with your goals. To make it easier, put your plan either in your digital calendar or write down on a physical calendar in a place you will see it everyday!

  3. Make it fun to repeat! The key to creating a good habit is repetition. Make it so it is a positive experience. This is called “temptation bundling.” When you get to indulge what you crave, while you are working towards your goals. It helps transform goal pursuit into enjoyment and not punishment. 

  4. Embrace flexibility. Once you fall into a behavior, it becomes routine. You’ll have days where you won’t be able to fit in your goal, and that is okay. Be flexible with yourself and give yourself “emergency reserves.” Emergency reserves are a limited number of times you can get away with not completing your goal for the day.

Find the right kind of social support. This can be the most overlooked part, when developing new habits. Since people are heavily influenced by their environments, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Join groups or communities with similar goals. Especially, socialize yourself with those who have already accomplished what you would like to accomplish!! Remember that good habits are contagious.