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Future Health

Listen To Your Immune System

December 27, 2022 

Your health matters. To understand what is going on in your body, you have to listen to your immune system. Here are a few things to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to listening to your immune system. 

  1. Focus on the symptoms that you are feeling and how your body is reacting to them

  2. Take note of everyday triggers. This helps you figure out how to target your triggers. 

  3. Manage your stress. It is a HUGE contributor to ailments and illnesses, due to the fact that it decreases your immune system. 

  4. Make the necessary lifestyle changes. No more end of the day wine, but instead maybe a yoga session. 

  5. Recognize when you need a break. Physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Remember that not all influences are good. Society throws many different types of influences at you, on an everyday basis. This includes commercials, social media, neighbors and more. Your mind and body are connected. How well your mind functions depends on how well the body is functioning, and vice versa. Be in tune with your body and mind, to help you make better decisions and become more resilient.

Your body is ever-changing and complex. Make sure to slow down and pay attention to it.