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Future Health

Slow Breathing Techniques to Ease Stress

May 16, 2022 

When you think about breathing, it is automatic. There is not much thought that comes to it; you breathe in and out. While doing so, your blood cells receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Improper breathing can contribute to anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, and other physical and emotional distress. There are several different breathing techniques. Some include the following;  

  • Alternate-Nostril Breathing  

    • An anxiety relieving technique that involves you to block off one nostril at a time, alternating between the two 

  • Belly Breathing 

    • 20-30 minute practices each day can help reduce stress and anxiety by utilizing your diaphragm 

  • Box Breathing 

    • A technique where you inhale and exhale to a rhythm 

  • Mindful Breathing 

    • Focuses on breathing and brings attention to the present without allowing the mind and body to drift off 


As stated above, these are only a few of many breathing techniques. To learn more breathing techniques, please register to check out Coastline EAP’s wellness session on Wednesday, May 18th at 12pm. Click on the link below to sign up!