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Future Health

Taking Care of Your Emotional Wellness

April 18, 2022 

Physical health is not the only important thing to worry about. Your emotional wellness needs some tender love and care. It can help improve your overall health. What emotional health looks like, is having control over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and having the ability to cope with life challenges. Also, people who are emotionally healthy can bounce back from setbacks well. Now, that does not mean emotional healthy people are always happy. They still feel stress, anger, and sadness. The difference is, they can manage those emotions and utilize coping strategies. Being emotionally healthy can help work on your productivity and to cope with the stresses of everyday life.


Working on your emotional health begins with your awareness of your emotions and reactions. Notice when you are angry, sad, and happy. What caused these emotions and how did you react to these emotions? Once you know how you react, learn how to express your emotions in appropriate ways. For example, when you get angry if you tend to throw things, learn how to express your anger in a different way, like writing down how you feel and why. 


Now, before you throw that book, think before you act. Sometimes your emotions can take over and the only way you feel you can express it is by throwing that book against a wall. Think about what would happen if you did. Maybe it would ruin the book or cause a few other important items on your desk to fall and break. Thus, making you even angrier. Sometimes your emotions can be caused by stress. A good way to cope with this is to learn how to manage your stress. Read books on the topic, journal or talk to a professional who can help you manage your stress.


Then, you can strive for balance. This could be regarding work-life balance, social balance, and more. Learn how to have a healthy balance in all areas of your life. You can do this by creating boundaries. No work talk after 5pm, or even allowing yourself one day during the week to have a day for yourself. Another thing you must include in your balanced life is time to take care of your physical health. Create time to exercise or have a self-care day at the spa. There are many ways to focus on your physical health.


If going to the gym is part of your way to work on your physical health, connect with other people and have them join you! Work on your physical health together! This creates support and can also challenge one another to be healthier. This can also help you find your purpose and meaning while staying positive. Think about what your passions are and pursue them!


Even though mental health often has a physical cause, whether a chemical imbalance or some sort of stress trigger from work, family, social, etc., there are ways to help. This can be done through counseling, support groups and sometimes medication. Make sure to talk to your doctor if you ever have any questions, concerns or want to learn more.