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Future Health

Keeping Healthy in College

February 21, 2022 

It may seem difficult to eat healthy while in college. Contrary to belief, there are ways to eat healthy while students are busy continuing their studies! 


At the Dining Hall

This is where all the temptation may be. Pizza, french fries, cookies and much more. Instead of reaching for that slice of pizza, fill your plate with protein (chicken, red meats and other sources), whole grains, fruits, vegetables and calcium rich products. Do your research on what your dining hall may have to offer. 


In the Dorm

It is always a good idea to keep stock up on healthy foods in your dorm. That means to stock up on fresh or dried canned fruits, carrots, celery, whole grain cereal, low sugar oatmeal packets, low sodium microwavable popcorn, low fat yogurt, milk, nuts, peanut butter and canned tuna. 


Between Classes

Going from class to class, especially on those packed scheduled days can be tough to eat healthy. An easy way to keep the ball rolling in that aspect, would be to keep a few good snacks with you. These include granola bars, seeds, nuts, dry cereal, and fruit. Snacks that are easy to grab and go. 


During Study Sessions 

Your go-to study session snack may be pizza, chinese or other types of takeout. Opt-in instead for either microwavable popcorn, mixed nuts, apples with peanut butter or dry whole-grain cereal.