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Future Health

Becoming Unstuck

January 31, 2022 

Life isn’t perfect and sometimes it can take a toll on us. There are times where we may not feel good about ourselves and feel like we don’t belong anywhere. You’re not alone in this feeling. We all go through this at some point in our lives.


Luckily, there are ways to get unstuck.

1. Start small. Gradually make small changes, whether in your daily routine or even moving things around in your house.

2. Let go of the past. It’s behind you for a reason. There is no need to stay in the past when the present is here, and the future is on its way.

3. Change your perspective by spending time alone or even meditating. Your attitude will change for the better.

4. From there, you can explore your purpose. Think about what makes you happy and what you are good at. You would be surprised what you may learn about yourself.


Though this may seem difficult, believe in yourself. Recognize your self-doubt and then work to reframe it. With this, you can then practice being hopeful, either through meditation, prayer or any other way that inspires you. Lastly, think about speaking to a professional. Yes, there really are professionals that have expertise in this subject believe it or not. Take these steps slowly and go through them thoroughly. It takes time to better yourself.