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Future Health

Remember Your "Why"

January 24, 2022 

There’s a reason why you make the decisions you do. A reason why you chose that particular college or university. Why you wore that black shirt instead of the gray one, and the reason why you took the highway instead of the backroads. Deep down you have a picture of where you want to be in your life. Your decisions are the steps you are taking to reach that idea. 


With all this chaos going on in the world, it is understandable that you may have your moments where you forget your purpose or your “why”. If this is so, then take a step back and breathe. Remember your values and what your goals are. Those goals are your motivation and what fuels your decision-making. For example, say you have always wanted to be a fashion designer. So, you go to the best institution in the fashion industry that you know of, which is the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. There, you take your goals step by step. You work your way through your program, gain a solid network, and learn the skills necessary to bring you success after graduation.


That dream to be a fashion designer is your reason why. The reason Why you do everything you have to to get to where you want to be. Think of your goals and remember why you have those said goals. Remind yourself every day that this is your reason why and know all your hard work will be worth it one day once you reach your goal.