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Future Health

Know Your Boundaries

January 17, 2022 

We all know that person who doesn’t have the word “no” in their vocabulary. Whether this person is a close friend or maybe you, the reader just can’t seem to say “no”. The constant need to say “yes” to everything can be exhausting, emotionally, mentally and physically. Make sure you are creating boundaries for yourself through difficult circumstances like troubling family dynamics, concerning relationships, and academic pressures.


There are a variety of areas of life where you can set boundaries. Some examples are, personal space, time and energy, emotions and thoughts and ethics. By creating boundaries there comes some benefits. You will have better self-esteem, be able to conserve emotional energy, and you will become more independent. Follow your gut and values when determining your boundaries.


When creating these boundaries make sure you are assertive, add “no” to your vocabulary, be aware of your personal space, and get the support that you will need. Once you have your boundaries set, now look around and begin to notice and respect others’ boundaries. Remember that boundaries are not a negative thing. They are a nonverbal way to respect one another’s personal and physical spaces.