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Future Health

Build Your Resilience

January 10, 2022 

Not everything happens the way you want it to. There will always be an obstacle in the way, whether that is a global pandemic or even self-doubt. It can be external or internal. The ability to cope when things don’t go as planned is a skill in itself. This starts internally, by building your resilience. To build resilience takes time to work on your emotions and build that toughness. The ability to come back from difficult situations emotionally. 


When you get out of your usual environment and challenge yourself, you are practicing empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s emotions, as well as one way to build that tough shell. With that said, another factor that helps build your resilience is your emotional intelligence (EQ). Utilizing your new empathy skills, take them and grow from there. Learn how to actively listen to others, while also communicating assertively. Assertively, not aggressively. Make your point clear and keep a positive attitude. EQ is so important when it comes to understanding others. 


From here, you can begin to develop a positive mindset. Overall, a positive mindset has many benefits like a lower risk of mental health issues and a  better psychological and physical well-being. The more you practice and work on those skills, the better you will be when things don’t go your way. You will be calm, cool and collected.