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Future Health

Get Your Routine Together!

December 27, 2021 

Whether you have never worked out a day in your life or if you are a professional trainer, it is critical to know how to create the best exercise routine that will maximize the outcome for your health. According to Harvard Health Publishing, no matter what age you are, there needs to be four components in your exercise routine.These components are the following;

● Aerobic activity

● Strength training

● Flexibility training

● Balance exercises


Aerobic activities are cycling, running, going on a walk or hike, and swimming. These activities help fight disease and are the centerpiece of the program. Whereas, strength training protects the bones. Weight machines, elastic bands and free weights are a few pieces of equipment that are used for strength training. Flexibility exercises are those that ease back pain. As we get older our muscles tend to get more vulnerable as time goes on. Then lastly, balance exercises are those that help prevent falls. These exercises only take a few minutes. It includes exercises like yoga and pilates.


Overall, exercising helps improve not only your mood but also your mental function and helps maintain a healthy weight. The benefits of exercising are endless.