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Future Health

Importance of Exercise During the Pandemic

July 27, 2020 


Exercise is essential for our wellbeing during the pandemic for many reasons ranging from mental wellbeing, reducing stress, weight gain and more. Regular physical activity also offers plenty of other important benefits. Exercise can lower your risk of developing health conditions like:



Heart disease

High blood pressure


Exercise also helps you build strong bones. It can improve your sleep, your mental health and your cognitive function. And to top it all off, a good workout can simply make your outlook brighter during a global pandemic like coronavirus.

Adults should get between 2 hours 30 minutes of moderate activity or 1 hour 15 minutes of vigorous activity per week. Many at-home exercises don’t require any special equipment, making them perfect during a COVID-19 quarantine.

A good soundtrack is a key to a fulfilling workout, and a great song can help give you energy to keep going, too. Try out some simple strength exercises that only require your body weight. You probably know how to do more than you think; pushups, sit-ups and lunges are all good options. You can also try using a resistance band and light dumbbells. Take a walk, hike, jog, or ride a bike outside if you can—just maintain a safe distance from others. If you have a dog, you already have a reason to get outside.

There are several online classes to help keep you motivated and switch up the workout routine. Online workout classes are great because you can do them anywhere at anytime and the whole house can get involved. many programs are offered free of charge, particularly if you're not hoping for personalized, one-on-one attention. Here are some that I found online that are either free or have a 30 – day free trail:

Tone It Up

305 Fitness


Corepower Yoga

24Hour Fitness

Tracking your food and calorie intake can be important. There are many useful websites and apps that help you log your meals and track your intake. All of them are accessible online and signing up takes less than a minute. They all have apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Here are a few apps that are available for free:

My Fitness Pal

Loose It


There are also devices such as the Apple watch and Fitbit. The number of calories one should lose is based on many things like gender, age, and current weight. Make sure you are taking in enough calories to fuel your day and your workout.

There many more benefits to exercising than what we already discussed like lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancers, increase balance to help prevent falls, increase your chances of a longer fuller life span and that just names a few. There are many places you can find out more about exercising or where and how you should start. Speak to your doctor or a nutritionist, there are also many online resources available.