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Future Health

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

June 17, 2019 

Once winter has subsided and the weather is getting nice, most people start "spring cleaning." Personally, I try to do a clean sweep at the beinning of spring and fall. This helps to get rid of any excess items or material you no longer use - you can sell or donate these items.

Aside from get rid of things, a good scrub down is necessary. Keeping your belongings and appliances clean and maintained is crucial for the lifespan of that appliance. Make sure you clean or replace filters, clean vents, and even get rid of expired food.

There are so many benefits to keeping a clean space from your health and helping with allergies but also to mental health.

Here are the Top 7 Health reasons to spring clean

  1. Cleaning supports a strong immune system
  2. Cleaning reduces stress
  3. Cleaning can improve heart health
  4. A clean bedroom will help you get a good night’s sleep
  5. A clean space helps increase your productivity
  6. Cleaning can improve your mood and make you feel accomplished
  7. Cleaning encourages a healthier lifestyle

Here are the Top 10 reasons it is good to spring clean

  1. Spring clean to save money
  2. Well-kept Items last longer
  3. You’ll stop buying duplicates
  4. It helps you realize where your money is being spent
  5. You don’t have to pay for additional storage
  6. You’ll find items to sell
  7. You’ll find items to donate
  8. Tax benefits for donated items
  9. You won’t be tempted to Up-Size your home
  10. You can spring clean anytime of the year

All these benefits and just by doing some cleaning of your house, car or office. I say let’s get cleaning!