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Future Health

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week!

February 11, 2019 

Cardiac rehabilitation doesn’t change your past, but it can help you improve your heart future.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to improve your cardiovascular health if you have experienced a heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty or heart surgery. Programs include exercise training, education on heart-healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress and help you return to an active lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation can be lifesaving for many people. It can help to prevent future heart problems, cardiac events and related deaths. According to studies, people who go to cardiac rehab have up to 30% fewer fatal heart events and are 25% less likely to die compared to those getting standard therapy alone.

Other benefits include:

  • Preventing future hospital visits
  • Less chest pain, and in some cases less need for medications to treat it
  • Weight loss
  • Better nutrition and the know-how to make heart healthy choices
  • Reduced stress and greater emotional wellbeing
  • Increasing your energy and strength

So, where can you take part in cardiac rehabilitation? Some programs are done in a hospital or rehabilitation center, while others can be done in patient’s homes. Cardiac rehabilitation usually lasts about three months but can range anywhere from two to eight months.