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Sexual Harassment Resrouces

October 15, 2018 

Sexual harassment is being mentioned in the news a lot nowadays. It’s important to remember your rights and the resources available to you as a student or as an employee.


Here are some common questions and answers.


Can I be punished for filing a complaint?

No, Title IX protects you against retaliation.


What should I do if I feel I’m being sexually harassed?

Because every situation is different, there’s no “best” thing to do; however, there are a few things to remember as they may affect any legal action taken. Make sure you make it clear that the behavior is unwelcome. Saying “no” and firmly refusing any advances are key. Reporting the harassment is also important as well as keeping a detailed record of any incidents.


After I complained, nothing was done. What do I do now?

Go back to the person in charge of the investigation and figure out why nothing was done. If they couldn’t find enough proof, ask if they’re willing to disclose what the investigation turned up. At this point, you may want to consult with an attorney to see if legal action should be taken.


You may also want to suggest to HR or youre Title IX officer that sexual harassment training is needed within your office. If the harassment isn’t happening to you, you may want to learn some way you can help as a bystander. It’s also very important to remember that there are resource to help, college campuses almost always have counseling and Title IX officers to help with these situations.