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Future Health

National Youth Violence Prevention Week

March 12, 2018 

In the aftermath of the December 2014 Sandy Hook tragedy, an organization formed. To honor the victims, the Sandy Hook Promise was founded by family members of those who lost their lives at the Elementary school. This organization strives to unite people in communities to prevent gun-related violence by developing and implementing better mental health and wellness programs, advocating for better state and federal policies and creating a safer community.


An initiative of the Sandy Hook Promise, called Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), has partnered to create the National Youth Violence Prevention Week. This week-long initiative takes place between March 19ththrough the 23rd. Their goal is to help raise awareness and reduce violence while educating teachers, students, parents, public officials, and parents.  


The National Youth Violence Prevention Week campaign hosts a variety of activities to help bring communities together and make them safer. Each day of this initiative is dedicated to ways to prevent violence such as knowing the signs, promoting respect and tolerance, how to be an upstander, relsoving conflict, and unite in action. You can find action kits, local events, and social media tools by visiting their website.