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Future Health

Shopping Tips

October 30, 2017 

Sometimes grocery shopping can be a hassle. Here are a few tips to help out with your weekly routine. 


Go to the store with a list

Making a list and keeping to it helps in many ways. Knowing exactly what you need will help you from having to look around and read labels. It will also help keep you on the right track – if you don’t need cookies, don’t go down that aisle!


Check for coupons!

Check the stores website for coupons on items you’re going to buy. You can also check coupon website that have printable coupons. Why not save money when you can?


NEVER shop on an empty stomach

If you’re feeling a little hungry before you plan to go grocery shopping, try having a snack. Do not go to the store while you’re hungry because you’re more likely to buy foods that you may not normally purchase.


Learn to read labels

Generally, it’s a good idea to shop the perimeter of the grocery store (produce, meat, seafood, dairy) but sometimes you must roam the aisles to find ingredients. When you learn to read and compare labels, you can make better and healthier food choices.


Understand what label claims really mean

Did you know that a “calorie-free” food may not be calorie free? Foods can be classified as calorie free if they have fewer than 20 calories and fewer than 5 carbohydrates. Some people may also not know the difference between “sugar free” and “no sugar added” which is also something you should be aware of when shopping. Knowing the differences in label claims can help you with your dietary needs.


Don’t be afraid of frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables (with no sauce) are just as good as fresh. They are picked when ripe and flash frozen for freshness. Perfect for steaming, sauteing, and adding to a casserole. It's no secret that fresh fruits and vegetables will expire faster than frozen.


Treat Yourself

It’s not easy to completely cut out your favorite cookies or treats. When you deny yourself a treat like a cookie or your favorite chocolate bar, you can crave it more. Most cookies and candies come in fun size or 100 calorie packs which is a helpful way of staying on track and not overloading.