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Future Health

Mental Health Awareness Week

October 2, 2017 

The first week of October marks Mental Health Awareness week. This week is dedicated to fight against stigma, educating the public, provide support and most of all advocate for equal care. Taking care of your mental health is very important because it includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Early warning signs of a problem can include small problems like low energy, trouble sleeping, and eating too much or too little. There are more severe warning signs such as hearing voices, believing things that are not true, thinking about harming yourself or others. If you notice these or suspect someone you know may be experiencing them, make an appointment with your doctor.

Maintaining a positive state of mental health can include activities such as helping others, getting physically active, and simply staying positive. Developing coping skills is also key to maintaining positive mental health and, of course, getting an adequate amount of sleep goes a long way. Professional help is also very important to your mental health. If you need help, seek it. Professional in the mental health field are there to guide you and to help you how live a happier life.

To support Mental Health Awareness Week, click here. You can share your story, take the stigma free pledge, advocate in your community, start a conversation, fundraise, or join a NAMI walk!