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Future Health

National Women's Health and Fitness Day

September 25, 2017 

Similar to Family Health and Fitness Day, Women’s Health and Fitness Day promotes healthy activity including walking events, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and health information workshops. This year marks the 16th year for National Women’s Health and Fitness Day which is typically held on the last Wednesday of September; however, not all events will be taking place on Wednesday, September 27th, but it is encouraged.

Even if you don’t participate in an event, you can still partake in Women’s Health and Fitness Day by taking care of yourself. Here are some activities you can do:

Try a new workout routine – maybe sign up for a class at your gym

Make it a point to drink more water

If you’re going to workout, ask your friend to join – the more the merrier!

Treat yourself to a massage

Walk to the store instead of drive

Take time to meditate



How will you be celebrating? Share your pictures with us on social media!