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Future Health

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

April 17, 2017 

The month of May is full of health awareness observances. This includes Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM) which is the observance of, you guessed it, health and fitness in the workplace! Promoting healthy lifestyles is something we here at FutureHealth take pride in. Our program is aimed at educating our members on the importance of staying physical, eating well, and maintaining a positive mental state.


More and more employer groups have been signing up for health and wellness programs. The reason is simple: healthier employees means happier employees. When employees can learn to manage stress and anxiety, learn about healthy eating habits, and how to increase physical fitness. This will lead to the employee’s stamina, self-image and job satisfaction increasing.


Events can include company-wide 5 k races, a weight loss contest, a healthy recipe cooking class, or even something as simple as starting a communal garden within the company. These events do not have to be company wide, they can include the community which is a great way to involve everyone!



Click here for a simple day-by-day activity list!