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Mason Jar Meals

September 9, 2016 

Mason Jar Meals and More!

Mason jars have been used for the obvious jam and jelly jarring but we’re finding more and more ways to repurpose these rustic containers. You can find ways to repurpose Mason jars around your house – making them into gift ideas and desk or makeup organizers. People are also using Mason jars to pack their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for an easy on-the-go container!


The great thing about using Mason jars is that you can control your portion by using different size jars. Another benefit is that everything you need for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) is neatly packed into one beautiful place.


Some pointers for packing your food jars:

  1. Try to keep the liquids at the bottom so that the other ingredients don’t get soggy.
  2. Like wise, keep crunchy items at the top of your jar.
  3. Get creative! Making chili and want corn bread? Pop a dollop of cornbread batter on top and bake before packing. The jar is glass so it can go right in the oven and you don’t have to dirty more dishes.
  4. Don’t buy huge jars. Remember - portion control!
  5. You can absolutely use the jar to eat out of but some people prefer to mix in the jar and pour into a different bowl.


Some meal ideas:

  1. Don’t forget breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day. Make a small parfait or scramble some eggs, veggies, and ham to be microwaves at work.
  2. Salads are a great way to stay slim. The jar makes it easy to shake and disperse the dressing.
  3. Prep lasagna, shepherd’s pie, or a BBQ “sundae” in a jar for a more hearty lunch or dinner (probably don’t shake these).
  4. Soups and stews make for great, warm weather meal.
  5. Pre-make your daily smoothie to bring with you!


Don’t forget about gifts!

  1. Get together all of the dry ingredients for a cookie or cake recipe, layer them in the jar, and label them for the recipient.
  2. In a smaller jar layer hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and bits of chocolate or crushed peppermint sticks for a cute winter gift (add a mini bottle of liquor).
  3. In a larger jar place sample (or regular) size beauty goods such as travel brush, nail polish, hair spray, mascara, facial wipes, lip gloss, finishing spray, or lotion. You can give this to your closet girl friends.
  4. Homemade snack mix! Make a healthy snack mix to give out to the office with nuts, candies, or cookies.
  5. Bloody Mary anyone? Pop a small can of V8, mini Tabasco, an airplane bottle of vodka, and a packet of spices. A great at home shower idea or gift! You can get creative with this one and use any small can of soda and liquor.


Remember: stay creative and have fun with these!