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12 Apps to Help You Get Fit!

May 10, 2016 

In honor of National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, we wanted to share the Huffington Posts top picks for fitness apps.  Use these if you are just starting to work out or if you are a pro!

1. MapMyRun, MapMyRide & MapMyWalk

 “I really like MapMyRide and MapMyRun. They are both heavily GPS based, but keep track of everything, speed, splits, elevation. And the app has internal (sponsor based) challenges that let you win real prizes. They have great social aspects too.” Troy Dunham, art director

2. Nike +

“I really, really hate running. But I love charts, and I love seeing when I’m making progress, and this maps it all out for you, during your workout you can see your pace and how far you’ve gone, and after your run it keeps track of ALL your runs, so you can see your improvement (or lack thereof, in my case). My favorite part is after the run, a celebrity athlete congratulates you on finishing (and I’m missing the years when Tim Tebow was in the rotation, because that made me laugh after every run).” Kristen Aiken, executive editor, food and style

3. Couch to 5K

“It’s a great system to slowly get running more over the course of a couple months, starting off with super easy runs and getting harder as you go.  I love Seargent Block who is one of the voices on it... you feel like you’re in the Army! He’s no joke!” Megan Robertson, director of video

4. Fit Bolt

If you’re a desk jockey, Fit Bolt will remind you to get up, stretch, do a few jumping jacks, drink more water or just breathe. I think everyone should use it.” Jade Walker, overnight editor

5. Workout by Apple

“I use the ‘Workout’ app on my Apple watch, because it lets me select the type of workout, tracks my heart rate and distance I travel, and syncs with my other apps, like Health and Virgin Pulse.”  Tyler Kingkade, senior editor/reporter

6. Jawbone + UP app

“I love my Jawbone bracelet and the UP app associated with it. Because I set goals for myself, I push myself to make them and I can see my progress over time. It’s what keeps me in line with walking, workouts, and sleep.” Candy Bigwood, mobile art director 

7. MyFitness Pal

“My favorite one is MyFitnessPal, which integrates with FitBit and lets you track food and calories throughout the day.  It’s really a great way to track activity and how many calories you’re consuming, and hit weight loss goals.”  Megan Robertson

8. LoseIt

“I lost 12 pounds for my wedding using it!”  Sara Wald, partner studio

9. Calm 

“I put it on as background noise when I’m doing yoga or meditating, and they also have short guided meditations as well!” Mallory Moyer, partner studio program manager

10. Zombies Run 

“I hate to exercise. Hate it. But this awesome story-telling app about a zombie apocalypse gets me moving.”  Jade Walker

11. ClassPass

“It has allowed me to diversify my workouts and try new classes I wouldn’t have otherwise, if I had to pay a separate fee. You put in your location and you can find really great classes within .5 miles or 3 miles or however long you’re willing to travel. Plus, once you’ve started using it, it will start recommending classes for you based on the ones you’ve taken.” Ashley Reich, executive weddings and divorce editor

12. Instagram

Instagram is great for fitness motivation/ new workout ideas because there’s so many fitness gurus out there on Instagram, constantly posting videos of their workouts. I always go to Instagram when it’s time for me to switch up my workout. It’s all right there in front of you! Stephanie Petchers, associate producer for HuffPost Rise 


Meredith Melnick

Executive Health and Science Editor, Huffpost Health Living


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