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10 Things that are ruining your immune system

October 27, 2015 

Our everyday habits have a huge impact on your health and immune system. Certain habits might be hampering your immune system, and the worst part is you might be totally unaware of it! Staying up late to watch that midnight show might be harming you in ways you never even considered. While the immune system is one of the most important systems in our body, we rarely think about preserving it and keeping it healthy. Having said this, it is true that some of us are born with stronger or weaker immune systems than others, but there are ways of making it healthier.

We have to take care of our body in general. But taking care of the system that protects us should be of utmost importance. Our immune systems are the first line of defense from developing infections, fungal or parasitic diseases and bacteria. Below are some ways you may be ruining your immune system:


Bad Food Habits

Back in school we were taught about a balanced diet. But as we grew older we forgot about this. At this age, we have irregular food habits and mostly consume fast food without a second thought. We also don’t maintain a particular time for our meals. These bad habits can harm us in the long run as deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can cause diseases and weaken our immune system!


Lack of Adequate Sleep

Sleep is essential when it comes to our bodies recovering from stress and fatigue. Proper sleep ensures that we have enough T-cells and white blood cells in our body to fight bacteria and germs trying to enter it. For the natural growth of antibodies in human body we need sufficient rest. Most adults should get at least six to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly in order to function at their best! Researchers say good sleeping patterns might also be linked to having a better memory.


Too lazy to move

While we might think one should only exercise in order to reduce weight, that is not true at all. Exercise doesn’t mean rigorously pushing yourself on the treadmill or doing a hundred push ups. It can also be a simple walk or jog in the morning.

A little exercise everyday can put your immune system back in action. A 30-minute walk to your office or a morning stroll in the park is helpful. Walking and exercising boost your immune system.


Excessive medication

The more drugs you take the more resistant you become! Taking in antibiotics suppresses your body’s own immune system. Too many medications will make your immune system forget how to fight back! So next time you get a cold, try to wait it out. Only use medication if it gets too bad. And try avoiding antibiotics as much as possible in order to preserve your own immune system.



The day-to-day stress is different from a constant tension over something. While having a single bad day in the office might not be that stressful, being worried about a relative or job for weeks can exact a toll on our immune system. You can try yoga or meditation to reduce everyday stress.


Not enough water intake

Water is essential for good health. It acts as an agent for carrying away the byproducts of our body and helps the immune system. A dehydrated body will function less efficiently and might be the cause of long-term problems. That is why we must remember to drink at least two liters of water every day.


Bad hygiene habits

Most of us don’t realize the importance of washing our hands or brushing our teeth twice a day. While we live in a world full of germs, we can all do our best to ensure protection from them. The first steps will be washing hands, wearing clean clothes and keeping your house or work space clean. Clean hands reduce the chances of germs and bacteria entering our body.


Borrowing unclean things from others

We ourselves might be clean and healthy but at times the person we will be borrowing the pen from might have a flu or cold. In these situations, drinking from their cup or borrowing their pens or other items can be a risk factor. That is why you should try not to forget your own things.


Excess alcohol!

Did you know that too much alcohol can reduce the ability of white blood cells to fight germs? The longer you consume alcohol, the worse the situation gets, making you more vulnerable to infections and disease.


Forgetting to smile and laugh

Researchers suggest that the people who laugh and smile on a daily basis enjoy a better immune system than others. Watching funny videos or enjoying quality time with your family can reduce stress and improve your immune systems! So keep smiling and watch cute cat videos!


Jerry Nelson