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Future Health

The 5 Concepts of Mental Health

August 28, 2023 

1. Hope
Throughout the course of our lives, we face many different difficulties and challenges. What keeps us afloat and believing that we will be okay, is hope. This concept is working through your challenges, creating your purpose, and becoming resilient. Always believe that you can work through anything.

2. Personal Responsibility
This means to be accountable in your choices, attitude, and behaviors. It helps you see the actions needed to make different choices as you journey through challenges in life. You are responsible for your own well-being, and you are your own advocate.

3. Education
Education in this sense, does not mean a lecture in a classroom, but self-discovery. Self-discovery is the process of you getting to know yourself on a deeper level. This is where you are comfortable with who you are and accept who you are, thus creating a sense of balance.

4. Self-Advocacy
When you advocate for yourself, you are working on getting what you need with courage, persistence, and determination. This is when you express your needs and make requests respectfully, clearly, and calmly. Self-advocating works best when you communicate properly. Know how to ask for what you need and when to say no. Speaking up for yourself, believing in your own worth, and self-help are a few examples of what self-advocacy looks like.

                  5. Support
                  Everyone needs help from others. This support can come from your family, friends,                                community or even your mental health service providers. When you have a circle of supporters, it can enrich your life.