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Future Health

Create SMART Goals to Improve Your Health

January 9, 2023 

Creating SMART goals can help you evaluate your physical and mental health, while reflecting on the changes you want to make. For example, like you trying to kick a bad habit. SMART goals can be utilized for long term success. The breakdown of what it means and how it would look like, is the following: 

  • Specific 

    • Have your goals be specific and clear. Vague goals are difficult to follow through with. 

    • Example: I will write in my journal for 15 minutes everyday.

  • Measurable

    • Make sure that it is a goal that can be measured. 

    • Example: I will walk outside three times a week.

  • Attainable

    • Avoid aiming too high or low. The goal should be one that is within your reach. 

  • Realistic

    • Your goal is one that you should be able to meet. It will reinforce your efforts and keep you moving forward. 

  • Trackable

    • Can track your goal’s progress over time. Make sure to write down your efforts to watch how you progress towards your goal. 

Overall, there are a variety of types of goals, some including; physical, mental or social. Wellness goals can help open up new opportunities, give you a sense of pride and build your self-confidence. Creating SMART goals can be an effective way to increase your motivation and help create changes that may improve your health and relationships, productivity at work, impact your recovery from a mental health illness and more.