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Future Health

New Year Goals

January 3, 2022 

The new year is in full swing now and we all know what that means. New year resolutions. Take a step back and think about the past year and what your goals were. Did you reach them? If not, what were your obstacles? On the other hand, if you did reach your goals, what motivated you to do so? Was it a vision board of some sorts or a list detailing each step on how you will complete each goal? No matter what your answer is, this year is for new beginnings. 


Make a list of five new year resolutions you want to accomplish this year. Then, from that list, make another one with everything you will do to reach your goals. One goal could have ten steps, whereas another one could have two. No matter how many steps each goal has, plan it out. Create a timeline for the year in which you want to complete each goal and steps. Also, make sure you aim high but are realistic with your goals. Think of ones that you can accomplish within the year's time. It could be to exercise more, become proficient in a new language, or even journal every day. Whatever your goal may be, make sure it is realistic to you. 


During the year, make sure to check in with yourself on how you feel. Check in on where you stand in regards to reaching your goals. Do you need to adjust? Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with your goals either. These goals are for you to LOVE accomplishing and make you feel good about yourself. These goals are for a better you.