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Future Health

Stress relieving techniques

February 16, 2021 

There is no doubt that this year has been very stressful for everyone, especially for students. Between remote learning, the lack of social interaction, and being isolated just adds to an already stressful time. Here are some tips to help relieve some stress and aid in reducing anxiety.

Exercise. No need to go to the gym, you can still work out anywhere. Even a simple walk can help you feel better. Exercise lowers stress hormones and helps you sleep better.

Meditate. Proper meditation can help you slow and regulate your breathing and calm your nerves which will reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Recent studies show that consistent meditation show improvements in focus, memory, and learning capability on computer tasks.

Eat nutritious meals. A proper diet should be filling, nutritious, and include healthy foods students enjoy.

Listen to Music. Listening to your favorite music can boost your mood. Listening to soothing music (while it may not be your favorite) can lower your blood pressure and heart rate which can help stress and anxiety.

Laugh. Watch a comedy special or a funny movie. Laughing will lower your cortisol (the stress hormone) level and boosts the endorphins in your brain.

Practice self-compassion.  It's important to remember that trying and failing is not only part of adjusting to this unusual time — it is part of growing. Self-compassion has been linked to optimism, curiosity, and initiative — all valuable qualities for students and especially important to have now.

Animals. Petting animals like cats, dogs, and horses can also help relieve stress. Many people have therapy animals that help them with anxiety.

If you find that none of these are working, then reach out. Having a rough time? Call a professional and seek help and guidance. There are many resources available to help.