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Future Health

Virtual Tours - visit places from home

April 20, 2020 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and most places being on strict stay-at-home orders things can get boring and old quick. Finding new things to keep you occupied and away from the refrigerator is key to keeping up with a stable mental state of mine. 


Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about virtual tours. Of course, we all have heard of these but how many of us really sat down and seen what they are all about. No time like the present with all this free time to fill. So, I grabbed a cup of java and started my search and, to my amazement, many of these tours are free! Although, this might change when things are back to normal so why not take advantage now.


I first find “A Taste of Home” website with a huge array of different tours like museums, NASA space visits, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. Wow! I was amazed, and they are all free. Something for everyone. So, I bookmarked the site. Then I get a little creative in my searching and come across street graffiti tours. Might not sound that interesting but the artwork these people possess is astonishing.


There is something for everyone. Here’s a couple of the places I visited: