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Future Health

Shaking the Winter Blues

January 10, 2020 

Winter can be a bleak time for many people. Dull colors, cold weather and an early sunset can take a toll on people’s emotional wellbeing. Here are some tricks to help shake that winter blues.

  1. Exercise! Moving your body has been proven to improve your emotional and physical health. Just moving for 45 minutes every day can boost your mood significantly.
  2. Check your Vitamin D levels! Many people are vitamin D deficient. This vitamin has been known to relate to a lack of sun exposure. Taking a vitamin D supplement may improve your mood!
  3. Try light therapy! The dark atmosphere of winter is one of the main factors that contributes to the winter blues. Using a light box or light exposure may improve your mood and overall health!
  4. Eat a healthy diet! Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body to function at its full potential. As a result, your mood will be improved if your body is happy!
  5. Do things you enjoy! Try to occupy your mind with one of your hobbies. Listen to some upbeat music. Cuddle with a pet. Cozy up by the fireplace! Do things that you enjoy to boost your mood.
  6. See a therapist. If you’re still feeling blue, try seeing a therapist. Talk therapy is immensely beneficial to your mental health. Talking through your worries will help your mood!