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Future Health

Alcohol Awareness

April 8, 2019 

Alcohol has affected just about everyone some how some way. From a grandparent or parent to an aunt or uncle or even siblings can have some sort of addiction to alcohol. Alcohol Awareness Month was started in 1987 with hopes to reach out to individuals, families and communities and draw attention to this disease and the effects it has on everyone. According to there are 3.3 million deaths a year from alcohol worldwide. 25% of all deaths are ages 20-39. 37.9% of students engage in binge drinking. Fraternities and sororities tend to use binge drinking as a rite of passage however hazing rituals often end up deadly. NCAAD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) encourage people to engage in alcohol – free days. If during this time frame individuals experience withdrawl symptoms, they should seek care at a local AA or treatment center.

Here are a few ways to raise awareness:

  • Encourage friends or family members to make small changes, like keeping track of their dinking and setting limits
  • Share tips with parents to help them talk with their kids about the risks of alcohol use
  • Ask doctors and nurses to talk to their patients about the benefits or drinking less or quitting has other ways you can help spread the word.