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Future Health

Donating Blood

July 23, 2018 

We have all heard how important donating blood is - it saves lives! Even if you do not know someone who needs blood, you should still think about giving. Did you know that donating blood can also be extremely benefical to the door as well? That's right. It's not just about help others, giving blood can help you, too. 


Here are some benefits:


  • Giving blood actually burns calories! Donating one pint of blood can burn 650 calories! People also have reported feeling reenergized after giving blood.


  • Reduces cancer risk. According to Miller-Keystone Blood Center, donating blood on a regular basis is associated with lower risk of cancers such as liver, lung, colon, throat, and stomach cancers.


  • Increase to production of new blood cells. Once blood is taken, your marrow starts to produce more blood within 48 hours. This process can help your body remain healthy and keep working efficiently.


  • Giving regularly can help reduce the amounts of iron in your blood which can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 88% and stroke by 33%.


Most importantly, giving blood helps others in need – many patients rely on blood donations to live. The blood collected can help cancer patients, burn patients, people living with chronic diseases, sickle cell patients, and trauma patients.

There are a few different types of donations but basic donation requires you to be at least 17 years old, over 110 pounds, and in good health. Donations can be made about every 2 months - that’s how long it takes for your body to replenish the previously donated blood.


To find a blood drive, click HERE