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Future Health

Benefits of Youth Sports

July 16, 2018 


Today is the start of National Youth Sports Week (July 16 – 22) which means many young athletes, coaches, parents, and athletic directors will be promoting their sports programs. Youth programs are not only beneficial to the children that participate in them, but also to the surrounding communities. This year’s focus is on physical activity, living healthy, access (to sports), youth development, and safety (PLAYS).


Participating in these programs helps children build character by enabling them to learn about teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Sports can also help boost self-esteem by letting them contribute to a fulfilling position on a team. Being physically active can help in developing stronger muscles and can also aid in weight control.


Studies have shown that children who are involved in sports have better academic abilities and perform better in school which can help grow communities. When children are healthy it can pave the way for a healthier community in the future – like an investment.


On Tuesday, July 17th, The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is hosting a Youth Sports Day (in addition to National Youth Sports Week). Collaborating with the Congressional Youth Sports Caucus, they will host an activity Expo at the House of Representatives Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The event will showcase and promote healthy lifestyles for children and families.


Even if you don’t consider yourself to be “youth” we still encourage you to get out and be active this week!