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Future Health

Wellness Programs

January 2, 2018 

It’s no secret that wellness programs are beneficial to companies – a healthy and happy employee means less sick days and higher productivity. It also means lower cost of health care. A six-year study by Harvard found that a wellness program can save up to three dollars for every dollar invested. So, not only is a wellness program good for the company, it’s good for the employee.

The logic here is simple: Unhealthy behaviors lead to health risks which can lead to health care costs. However, we can flip that to be healthy behaviors lead to healthier lives and lower health care costs.

Wellness programs go beyond physical health. Yes, exercise does a world of wonders for a person, but mental health is also important. Wellness programs can help cultivate a better mental health by supplying an employee with tools and tricks to cope with issues such as anxiety and stress. Reducing stress and anxiety can help employees better balance their home and work life as well as reduce the frequency of headaches, stomach aches, and sleepless nights.

Did you know that schools and universities are also using wellness programs for their students?

Wellness programs are also being implemented in schools. The student population is constantly under pressure and stress to succeed, it’s no wonder schools are helping them to reduce and manage that stress. Students are being encouraged to use programs provided by their schools to learn about health, maintain wellness, and practice healthy habits.

FutureHealth is bringing education and awareness right to students (and employees) in the privacy of their own dorm, room, or home.

FutureHealth is an online health and wellness education program that offers information on a wide verity of health topics that are perfect for employees and students including:

Diet and Exercise

Practicing Mindfulness

Personal Safety

Anxiety and Stress Management

Educational Information on Drugs and Alcohol