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Future Health

Alternative Medicine

November 27, 2017 


With opioids in the news more and more, people are looking for alternative pain relief. The obvious benefit of reducing the number of opioids being used is not the only reason for finding alternatives. Some people genuinely don’t like using chemicals in their bodies and prefer to treat their pain in other, more holistic ways. Here are a few things you can do to treat pain.


Acupuncture – An ancient Chinese practice that regulates your body’s meridian system with hair thin needles. The Chinese believe that there are 12 meridians that keep your body balanced and when they’re thrown off, acupuncture helps realign them. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as beneficial.


Chiropractic Work – Chiropractors reduce pain by looking at the relationship between the function and structure of the body and make “adjustments” to promote self-healing within the body. It has been shown to improve lower back pain, headaches, beck pain, sports injuries, and more.


Hypnotherapy – By reducing the anxiety associated with the pain, some patients can experience relief.


Massage – By increasing circulation, massage therapy has been known to improve lower back pain.


Relaxation Therapy – More of a preventative therapy, relaxation therapy helps to reduce the effects of negative stress.


Physical Activity – An exercise routine may not cure anything, but it will help boost energy and mood and keeps your body functioning.




Make sure you talk to your doctor about all options. Not all alternatives will work for everyone.