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Future Health

What is Snortable Chocolate?

July 17, 2017 

While researching for blog ideas I came across an article that referenced “cocaine on training wheels”. What? What could that possibly mean? Judging by the context it had to do with kids and a possibly risky behavior so naturally I clicked on the link – I was right. A new trend called “snortable chocolate” has hit the market.

Produced by a Florida based company called Legal Lean, Coco Loko (snortable chocolate) is sold as an energy supplement like your typical energy drink or shot. What is it exactly? Well, it’s exactly like it sounds. It’s (raw) cacao powder said to give the user a “euphoric rush” with added stimulants that you snort. Let’s repeat that: a stimulant that you snort. Sound familiar?

Reminiscent of candy cigarettes and sweet flavored vaping oils, Coco Loko claims to be marketed for college aged adults and older however there is no age restriction for the buyer. The physical act of snorting is what really puts people up in arms here, it’s exactly like the act of snorting cocaine and it can be dangerous for kids to practice even if it’s just with chocolate.

While the ingredients themselves my not be harmful, snorting anything can cause problems. Anything that is snorted risks ending up in your lungs which, in and of itself, is an issue especially for people with preexisting lung ailments such as asthma or pulmonary disease.

The controversy doesn’t stop with the method of consuming, there’s also no data to support the benefits of the product and, likewise, no data on the risks. We do know that Nick Anderson, the founder, did not consult any medical professionals while creating the snortable chocolate.

As of now, the FDA has not evaluated the product because it’s chocolate and because no consumer complaints have been issued nor has there been any illnesses reported due to Coco Loko. Until then, please be responsible when purchasing products such as Coco Loko.