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Future Health

Subscription Boxes

April 21, 2017 

You’ve probably heard of box subscriptions by now. There’s Birch Box for the adventurous makeup artist, Bark Box and KitNip Box for those who have fur babies, and SingleSwag Box for those of us who want to treat themselves. The list goes on! There are also some great fitness and health boxes out there that you may want to consider as well. I will break it down for you.


Nutrition Boxes

Nature Box - for membership

This is a little different in that you pay for a (relatively cheap) membership then you pick which snacks you want and are then charged accordingly. All snacks are low calorie and all natural!


Paleo Life Box - a month

This box is filled with treats designed for the paleo dieter.


Green Blender - .09 a serving

An amazing box for an on-the-go person! This box contains all your superfood needs ready to blend!


Bean Box - a month

Bean Box supplies you with the finest coffee beans Seattle has to offer.



Fitness Boxes

FabFitFun box - .99 every 3 months

This box includes fitness and workout gear as well as nutritious treats, makeup and jewelry


Yogi Surprise - $ 44.95 a month

This box will bring you everything your big yogi heart desires: teas, oils, skin care, mat care, and books.


Avenue A - 0 four times a year

WOW. This exclusive box is from ADIDAS and it delivers actual gear including sneakers. Worth every penny for those who are serious about fitness!


Runnerbox - every two months

This box is loaded with performance enhancing products form the runner in you.



There are many more in each category including plenty of meal kit boxes such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated. They’re all great and you could probably find a box that caters to any dietary need. Have you tried a subscription box? Let us know what you think!