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Future Health

Benefits of Educational Training by Employers

April 8, 2013 

Approximately 19.2 million workers in the U.S. -- a surprising 15%  -- are under the influence of alcohol occasionally while at work (Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2009). Higher rates of alcohol use and impairment in the workplace are seen especially in young, unmarried males, but increased rates are not limited by gender, age or type of occupation. 
These statistics give us insight into the importance of education by employers through means such as educational training programs or educational videos that teach about the dangers, and what to look for in an individual who may be struggling with substances.
Since April is National Alcohol Awareness Month, this is a perfect time to spread the word or get involved with a training program for your workplace or community. Educators and employers can use this time to take action, and educate their workers about the problems associated with alcoholism and alcohol abuse - not only the toll on the body but also its effect on our economic system - including abuse on and off the job. 
Future Health now offers educational training programs that include interactive material on understanding alcohol, which consists of segments of videos, graphs, pictograms and charts along with lecture material. At the end of each program, viewers complete a test that measures what they learned on the topic. When they pass, they receive a certificate.
The training programs include statistics about alcohol use and abuse, how much alcohol is too much, facts about drunk driving, and how to reduce the prevalence of alcohol abuse, economic costs and lost productivity.

Participating in this training program offers the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills to avoid alcohol problems or to help others do so. The information offers a way to make a difference in your own life, the lives of others, and in your workplace or community. The facts in our educational training prepare individuals for encounters with others in their lives who may be struggling, and provide information on seeking treatment if required.

Others who may benefit from this training program include hospitals, and educational and other institutions involved with helping prevent or treat substance abuse and other addictions. The program is especially helpful for training employees who work with or come into contact with substance abusers or those at risk for substance abuse.

April is here! and now is the time to take action to help the variety of people struggling with alcohol use.
You may purchase our educational videos and training programs here.